Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 6: Me-Made-May

What a gorgeous day! The temperatures hit the plus twenty mark and beyond. And my chiropractor was back in the office. Oh man, did I ever need that appointment. After a day at work, I laid low at home enjoying the heat from my heating pad instead of the sun. Equally relaxing.

And this is what I wore on day six of

Skirt:               Rachel Comey design, Vogue 1247. Green cotton sateen.  

Shirt:             Lynne Mizono design, Vogue 1274. Fabric: 100% cotton.

Coat:             No coat needed!  

Footwear:       Outdoor footwear: Mephisto.  At work:  cream colour Prophecy Shoes. 

Eyewear:         DKNY

Accessories:    Knee braces, nicely hidden under my skirt.
Undies:           Bra and knickers, RTW.

Nightwear:     I made this nightgown a few years ago, I believe that it is from a Simplicity pattern. 100% embroidered cotton.  

Bathrobe:        Simplicity 7417. Fabric: 100% Cotton Terry cloth.

Progress on baby onesie:  No sewing tonight.


  1. Oooh! I rather like the shirt. Very smart!

  2. Love the shirt! The back has such a fantastic design!

  3. I love the green skirt.

    God bless.

  4. Thanks! The shirt was a fun and challenging make and the skirt I love too... can you believe I have five different colours of this skirt in my closet.


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