Sunday, 5 May 2013

Day 5: Me-Made-May

My me-made-outfit might actually qualify for sleepwear today. I spent most of the day napping on the couch. I still not feeling 100% and was so wiped out. I did manage to make it to the post office and enjoy the warm sun. It is tough to believe that less than a week ago I was wearing gloves and a toque. Now, the trees are starting to bloom.

Today's me-made photo is by my favourite fruit tree in Mama and Papa R's backyard, the apricot tree. Wonder if it will have fruit this year?

Top:               Navy bow-tied tee-shirt, RTW.  

Skirt:             A-line skirt with back pleat.  Vintage Vogue 2885, Red and white print 100% cotton.  

Footwear:     Mephistos.   

Eyewear:       My orange and silver glasses, Ooh La-La de Paris Eyewear.  

Accessories:   Floral leather handbag.  

Undies:           Bra and knickers, all RTW, a gap in my me-made wardrobe.

Nightshirt:     If I recall correctly this was made using a Simplicity pattern. Sorry, I can't recall which one. 100% embroidered cotton.  

Bathrobe:       Simplicity 7417.  Fabric: 100% Cotton Terry cloth.

Progress on the baby onsie:  It is almost finished. I just have to finish sewing on the bands, snap and give it a good pressing and it will be ready for some proper photos.

Happy Sewing!    

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