Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Day 1: Me-Made-May

Day one of Me-Made-May 2013 fell on a workday dusted with snowflakes. Yes, snowflakes! Luckily, I don't mind the snow. I'll take snow over mosquito season any day. I did enjoy the beautiful white scenery this morning.

My day had an early start with a before school shift where I'm amazed with how much energy little ones have as my body aches. Aww, to be young and oblivious to what is coming in their later years. But I digress... After that shift it was on to a day in the life of an educational assistant. Clothes have to be comfortable and washable since this has the potential to be a messy job. I miss wearing denim and my Mephistos to work, items that were recently banned from work. Again I digress...

Now where was I? Oh yes! I can't dress like a hippie so this is what I wore on day one of

Dress:               Lynn Mizono designVogue 1312. Fabric: taupe coloured crepe knit.

Sweater:          RTW, Lord & Taylor.  

Jacket:             Donna Karan design, Vogue 1263. Fabric: Boiled wool.

Footwear:        Taupe environmentally friendly Groundhogs.

Eyewear:          DKNY.  

Accessories:   Knee bracesOssur.
                          Yellow wool scarf, The Bay
                          Toque, The Bay
                          Red fleece lined gloves, Costco
                          Watch, Fossil (gift).
                          Silver necklace (gift) that holds my whistle (essential for working those Before School shifts and recess duties).  

Undies:             Brown tights, bra, knickers, all RTW, a gap in my me-made wardrobe.

Nightshirt:        Simplicity 2289. Fleece and knit double sided fabric.

Pajama Bottoms:  RTW, Lady Hathaway.

Bathrobe:         Simplicity 7417.  Fabric: 100% Cotton Terry cloth (a really messy fabric to sew but wonderfully comfortable to wear).

Socks:               100% wool, Smartwool.

Part of my Me-Made challenge is to tackle those cut sewing projects that have been sitting in my sewing drawer for far too long.

First up, McCall's 7367 an asymmetrical baby jumpsuit that I have cut out on a yellow and black polka dot knit.

I'm still on meds for my back that "may cause dizziness and drowsiness." If I make any major errors, I'm blaming the meds.

Happy Sewing!  

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  1. Great outfit - this is my first Me Made, so am trawling other bloggers to see what they are wearing!


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