Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mini-Wardrobe Storyboard Planning

Pattern Review is hosting a Mini Wardrobe contest coming up September 1st to 30th. I'm going to give this a whirl. I'm planning out what I would like my mini wardrobe to be within the perimeters of the contest.

  • Five piece mini-wardrobe
  • Four pieces to be sewn during the month of September
  • Fifth piece, "known as the key item" could be something that is already sewn or part of your existing wardrobe.  
There are so many options. Do I include a dress? Skirts? Pants? There are so many options!  

Vogue 8837 will make the mix for sure.  

I was thinking about a vest, Burda 7769, to go with this skirt. Made in a beautiful black silk that I purchased recently it would be an easy transition piece.  

But I'm still on the fence with that idea.  

For a top I've got Burda 7220 on my mind.

The picture didn't pick up the blue very well but it will match the blue in the fabric I chose for the Vogue skirt above.

I will also work with the colour orange.

Vogue 1247 is a true and tested pattern. And I do love the colour orange!

It would work with the Burda shirt and even with the black silk vest if I go that route.

If I don't go with the Burda vest in black silk I would make this Marcy Tilton jacket in a combination of orange and cream knit.

I'm thinking that it will work with the black skirt and the orange skirt.

But is that too much orange? Is there such a thing?

If I do go with the black silk vest I can omit the Marcy Tilton jacket and go with the Lynn Mizono dress that I love.

A black silk vest over the long sleeve lightweight wool might work, no?

Or I can forget about the black silk vest and the Lynn Mizono dress and go with another top made in the black silk.

The hooded shirt, McCall's 5640, was a favourite shirt back in the day. I'm not opposed to revisiting this pattern. I'll have to do some grading up if I revisit this pattern.

Oh my, so many decisions! I'm going to have to pour myself a glass of port for some serious thinking.

Vest or jacket?  Mmm, if only I could make six pieces.

Are you planning a mini-wardrobe for the upcoming season or Pattern Review contest?

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  1. Ok, sometimes I think wardrobe building is stodgy and lacks pop. You have broken that theory- I love these pieces- can't wait to see it all.


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