Thursday, 21 June 2012

Okay, I'm not feel the love...

I really do want to participate in this Shirt Dress Sew-along.  And I don't want to be difficult but I'm just not feeling the love for Simplicity 1880 anymore.

Maybe because it just seems too preppy. I have never considered myself preppy. Or perhaps it is that I haven't had the best fitting results with Simplicity patterns and I'm getting cold feet about the muslin.

Whatever it is, I have headed back to my filing cabinet and pulled out some patterns. Let's see, a shirt dress has details borrowed from the classic men's shirt such as a collar, a button front or cuffed sleeves.

I have a few patterns that could easily fall into the shirtdress category. Actually all of these patterns have button fronts.

And some of the patterns in my collection ummm, have that preppy vibe I didn't see myself as have going-on. How did these make it into my pattern stash?

Butterick 4892, circa 1997, has a short and long version of the shirtdress. Shirt like qualities include a button front and shirt collar.

It is still too preppy for my taste.  Sew, next!

Another Butterick pattern from the same time. Were shirt dresses all the rage back in 1997? I can't remember. Perhaps it is just that shirt dresses are that classic piece that make into many wardrobes.

Okay, maybe these dresses haven't borrowed from the classic men's shirt to qualify as a shirt dress. They do, however, have button fronts.

These dresses could qualify as a shirt dress.  The Vogue dress has a shirt collar and button front.  And the Lisette Simplicity pattern has all the classic dress shirt features.

Am I stretching it here with these patterns? They both have button fronts.

Vogue 1038 is the pattern that I'm thinking I would like to make into a shirt dress. It has a buttoned front and sleeve cuffs. I realize that it is a tunic but I wonder if I lengthen it if it would work? I think I might give it a try. This is more my style.

But then again I did like the fit of the Connie Crawford shirt when I made it. I did think about making it into a shirt dress at the time.

Hmmm, I'm still thinking...


  1. Good morning Graca,
    I love that Pamella Roland pattern, very mad men-ish looks like something Trudy would wear.


  2. I'm loving the pamela Roland too- besides, don't we sew to have something different than everyone else? it won't be fun or wearable if you make something you aren't into.

  3. Thanks for the comments, I do love the Pamela Roland design too. I'm cutting out the pattern now. Thanks for the push it was just what I needed.


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