Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A wee bit of progress and a whole lot of editing

Simplicity 3673 has finally made it to the sewing table today. I've had this jumper cut out and ready to go for some time already.

There has been some doubt in the back of my mind as to whether or not this would fit. I found that as I've aged there has been some welcome and un-welcomed expanding going on.

But part of the denial process, I cut the straight skirt variation of this pattern.

Even as I calculated that the straight skirt wouldn't work out as in the pattern envelope photo, I plugged on. In my state of denial, I thought that I could leave out the darts and try to edit it that way. I was wrong.

I finally came to my senses. Oh, who am kidding? I discovered that there was enough left over fabric to cut out another set of skirt pieces. This time using the flared skirt variation.

Fingers are crossed that it will work out.  I'm going to leave out the darts and gather at the bodice/skirt seam line instead.

Bodice Front
Bodice Front Lining
I'm pleased with the bodice, no fitting issues there.

The red jumper fabric, I believe, is a polyester and it has a wee bit of stretch. (Not enough stretch for the straight skirt variation though.) The lining fabric is 100% silk.  

Sew, that is my progress on the jumper for tonight.

Happy Sewing!

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