Friday, 27 January 2012

Sewing Pattern Models, yea or nay?

So there is a discussion online about the new Vogue sewing patterns that came out earlier today. Some oohs and aahs over which new patterns will make it into pattern stashes.

And also some discussion over the models that Vogue patterns used for the release. Mezzo Couture and Tia Dia Needleworks wrote:
Can anyone say Photo-shopped-to-death?  Why take a picture of an already very slim person and make her look smaller than my 13 year old daughter?  I’m disgusted.
Vogue patterns responded to the link to the blog post on their Facebook page.
Vogue Patterns This photo was not retouched. This is the model's natural shape and size. We limit retouching of models to removing tattoos (which many models often have).
To which Mezzo Couture responded:
Good to know, but I'm still not alone in being very disappointed that you would choose such thin models!

So what do you think? Are you disappointed by the by the use of thin models in sewing pattern catalogues?

The use of thin models to sell commercial products is not a new debate, designers have been defending the use of thin models for some time now. Back in 2007, Italian designer Valentino defended the use of thin models a few years ago. He argued "if the girls are skinny, the dresses are more attractive" (Reuters).

But the models at the centre of this debate are selling sewing patterns.

And I have to agree with Mezzo Couture on this one. The models do not inspire me to run out and purchase any of the new patterns.

Yes, I know there are people out there that are a size four. I use to be one of them when I was young. But I can tell you one thing, when I was a size four there wasn't a Vogue pattern that worked and fit my size.

I'm now a size fourteen, I finally have curves that work with Vogue patterns. So who are they kidding. The use of these thin models are not representative of their demographic.

I know Vogue patterns has their figure flattery feature on their website which I love. But when I see a thin model selling a sewing pattern I'm passing over it because I'm thinking if it looks good on her it won't look good on me.

I know it sounds silly. And I'm not beating myself up for my new shape. I'm very comfortable in my own skin.

I'll just be waiting until the new Vogue patterns are sewn by real people with real body shapes like my own before I'm sold on any of these lovely designs.

The best models that Vogue patterns have are the sewists that share their creations on their blogs, and Vogue's own Facebook page.

Oh, and I wouldn't mind seeing a model with a tattoo. At least it would look current with popular culture, no? Besides, what's the big deal with a tattoo that it would have to be photoshopped out?

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