Sunday, 29 January 2012

Mama R wants a brand new dress...

Mama R has made another request for a brand new dress. And since I believe I have all the fitting kinks worked out I'm going to make another version of Vogue 7836. Mama R loves the fit, just have to throw in some pockets and voila!

Sew, I'm busy cutting the dress in a floral print cotton stretch sateen. It is mostly neutral colours except for the wee bit of yellow.

Mama R is not big into splashy colour but she's willing to give this print a try. I don't know why, she looks lovely in light colours. Silly lady.

Once I have it cut out it is easy to whip together. A couple of darts in the front and the back. Position the pockets, make the bias tape, invisible zippers are super quick. And hem it up and it should be done.

I'm going to sneak out and squeeze in the afternoon show time for "The Artist" before I get to work.

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