Monday, 5 December 2011

Teddy Bear Soft

Weekend sewing project: McCall's 7367 Asymmetrical Jumpsuit (View A)

This jumpsuit pattern has to be my most used sewing pattern in my stash.

The corners of the cuff pieces are wearing thin from all the pin marks. I really must make a new copy of this pattern.

The fabric is a double sided terry / knit and it is the softest terry imaginable.

I decorated the jumpsuit with a iron-on applique. It is so simple to use, no stitching. Just remove from the package, press the sticky backing onto the fabric for about a half minute and then seal with a iron set on low.
Don't you just love the ribbon?

There are some cute ribbons to be found at Fabricland, lots of polka dots.  Luv polka dots!


  1. D'aawwww! That's so adorable! I'm thinking of sewing some baby outfits for my cousin, who is expecting in the spring. Was going to make a blanket, but her Mom is ALL OVER THAT. Do you know if this pattern is still in print? Actually, never mind, I can look that up myself. This is just too adorable, I obviously need to make one too!

  2. I know that it is out of print. But if there is another Winnipeg meet-up in January, I can make a copy of the pattern for you before then and photocopy the pattern instructions. I'll have two weeks off at Christmas so it won't be any trouble.


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