Sunday, 5 June 2011

Skirts and Hemlines... oh my!

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Clements Ribiero Dress

So sew for the past few seasons short skirts and dresses have graced the runways.  But there is a new skirt trend for Spring/Summer 2011... the midi-length.  Oh my!  Does this mean it is time for a wardrobe renovation?
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Vogue 8637 Marcy Tilton

Vogue 1248
Andrea Katz Objects

Vogue patterns have been right on top of the trend with some new additions for the spring/
summer 2011 catalogue.

The AKO skirt, Vogue 1248, has some interesting details with the shirt sleeve belt tied in a bow and the oversized gathered pockets but the length is what rocks this look!

Vogue 8737
And Marcy Tilton's midi-length skirt, Vogue 8637, has front draping details.

Vogue 8737 made it into my collection of new patterns because of the tee-shirt, but I have to admit that I find the midi-length skirt intriguing.

But what is a gal to do if they don't want to part with a fav and still want to look fashionably fabulous?  

You might want to pick up the latest issue of threads.

Barbara Emadi wrote an informative article and tutorial on how to extend your current wardrobe and sewing patterns to fit into the new hemline trends.

Although I'm not a fan of the contrasting insert near the hemline because of my petite stature and wanting to create a lean taller appearance, Emadi does offer a creative solution to incorporating the new midi-look.

It is worth a read, I will admit that I do like the look of the polka-dot skirt with the curvy extension Emodi added to Butterick 5391. To me, it screams retro rick-rack ribbon trim chic.

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