Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Few Things I've Learned through Sewing...

  • 1.  A respect for the time invested in quality workmanship and a critical perspective of store bought clothing.  
I've become one of those shoppers who closely inspect clothing, checking out seam finishes (or lack of), fabric content, and interesting details that caught my attention.  I may appear to leave empty-handed but I always leave with a head full of ideas and a renewed sense of pride in my own ability.

2.  A good pair of scissors are your best friend when it comes to cutting fabric.  Treat them with respect, keep your fabric scissors for fabric.

And may I suggest locking them away from those you love and want to continue to love?  In prevention of unwittingly having a good pair of fabric scissors used as a multi-purpose tool.  I know... Gasp, the horror!

3.  Waxing your thread before you sew on buttons will prevent your thread from becoming a tangled mess has been been one of my favourite sewing tips I've picked up.

4.  I've learned what a joy it is to have a self-threading sewing machine.

5.  I've learned that sewing is relaxing, especially now that I have a self-threading sewing machine.  I'm kidding.  It is like putting together a puzzle and I find that relaxing.  

6.  I learned that patience pays off and that cutting corners will only lead to sloppy work.  Even though I dislike ironing, have I mentioned that before?, a few moments ironing along the way will pay off in the end.   Oh, if my first sewing teacher could hear me now!

Sewing: A creative mess is better than tidy idleness.  ~Author Unknown 

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