Thursday, 21 June 2018

Vogue 1455: Revisiting a Favourite Pattern

Recently, Lynn Mizono's reversible dress pattern made it onto the cutting table this week. The biggest challenge became the decision on fabric. I chose a navy and white Japanese cotton for one side and then a white and black cotton combination for the reverse side, which was quickly nixed in favour for this colourful combination.  Moms know best.  

Top L to R (clockwise):  Green swiss dot cotton, floral print cotton, 
purple eyelet cotton and Liberty print cotton.  
And the little gal's Mom was right because happens to turn out to be one of my favourite combinations.  All of the fabrics were pre-treated with a tumble through the washing machine and dryer and a good steam press prior to cutting. Do you pre-treat your fabrics? 

What I really like about this fabric combination is that the ribbons can be changed to pick up on any number of colours featured on both sides of this dress.

Let's talk about this pattern!  

This pattern, Vogue 1455, is an American designer pattern. And it mimics the adult version, Vogue 1410, of this design. The only difference is to the basic shape that has been divided to create a contrasting bubble hemline effect. This creates a hem band that allows for adjustable lengths and for growth spurts. Gotta love a flexible pattern! This is an easy very easy make and can easily be made in an afternoon including cutting time. This is the first time I made one in the largest size, size 8, and I do think it's just as adorable as the smaller sized versions. But I might be a wee bit biased in my opinion. Most important, it's a fun project.  

The Stats:

Fabric:  5 metres

Ribbon:  2.4 metres

Buttons:  4  

PatternVogue 1455

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Iron, ironing board, cutting table, scissors, pins, measuring tape, tailor's chalk, thread clippers, sewing machine, buttonhole foot, walking foot, seam ripper, serger, tweezers, threads, hand needle, and a cup of chai tea.  

Happy Sewing!  


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