Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Mojo Jump Start

Sometimes the sewing mojo needs a jump start with a little bit of fabric shopping.  

I found this stroke-able fabric at Mitchell Fabrics on the weekend. I wasn't even looking for another animal print but it jumped out at me. And then I had to take a look at the pattern books to find some inspiration. 

My brain was thinking along the lines of a jacket. Or perhaps use it for the cape? Kitschy or Katie? I decided to stick with Katie-esque for the cape and use this pattern for an animal print jacket. The plan is to go kitschy for Valentine's day. I work at a school where kitschy is the way to go on theme-day holidays. I wonder if I can finish it in time for Jungle January? I'm coming home after work to give it a try. 

I was actually shopping for some knit fabric for the Issey Miyake pattern, OOP Vogue 2556, that has recently found its way into my pattern stash. I found some fair-trade red cotton knit and a muted yellow contrast.  

But I noticed something while fabric shopping this weekend and on a stop over at Northwest Fabrics yesterday. It isn't just cauliflower that is going up in price. I used to find some great deals but those are becoming harder and harder to find. Either this hobby of mine is becoming way too expensive or I need to stop dreaming about garments made in quality fabrics. The biggest sticker shock was found in the wool department. But even polyesters are priced with eye-raising tags. The store clerk showed me a ponte knit that was priced more than the fair-trade cotton knit. It wasn't the price that made me choose the cotton knit rather memories of how ponte knit is prone to pilling which deflated its value in my eyes. Even Fabricland raised their price of their membership and lowered their pattern discounts last year. I decided not to renew my membership this year. And it looks like I'll be doing more shopping from my stash than at the fabric store. 

How about you, have you noticed a sharp increase in sewing supplies lately?  

Happy Sewing!  



  1. I've definitely noticed it. We got back from visiting my in laws in Florida just before the dollar really tanked; as it was we spent way less than we normally do when we're down there. It's just not a bargain when you have to add 30% to the cost. It's really too bad; I'd been planning to buy a bunch of linen and dyes from Dharma Trading. I can find white linen in Toronto at about $10/m, but the dye selection is another matter...

    We buy our veggies (mostly carrots, cauliflower, and brocolli) from Costco, and while the price hasn't increased astronomically, their stock is in short supply. Half the time when we go now, they're out.
    Apparently they have a contract that guarantees them a minimum amount at a set price. They can normally get more than the minimum, but because of demand there's no 'extra' for them to purchase. Rumor is the Dole has had some sort of problem with their bagged salads, veggie mixes, etc. so they've been snapping supplies up. Combine that with the weird weather in California and the weak dollar, and it's parsnips for everyone at my house!

  2. I agree. The art of sewing and crafting has taken an upswing and vendors are smiling all the way to the bank. Meanwhile, the cost of freshness in the produce aisle is ridiculous. Gas is the cheap though - so now you can drive around all day and look at all the stuff you can't afford. lol.

  3. Dole has/had listeria problems, both in USA & Canada. Also, were packaged under I believe, Fresh Selections, Simple Truth?, Marketside, The Little Salad Bar and P.C. brands. Please double-check. The manufacturing code for the problem items began with letter A, according to Toronto Star newspaper. I am going to grocery store to return items right now. 2 packaged salads in clamshell containers I thinK they are called, each about $4.99.


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