Monday, 13 June 2016

In Sewing News Today...

Hello lovely sewing people,

I've been taking a wee un-intentional break from sewing. It's been over three weeks since I sat down and completed something. Life (and sinus infections) sometimes gets in the way of my sewing hobby.  

I actually played some soccer this week. I was working an after school shift and convinced by a wee little gal who had manners that melt your heart. And there is the Euro Cup that started this week, watching soccer is much easier on my limbs but still distracting me away from the sewing table 

In other sewing news (or lack of sewing), I'm quite excited about finding Spectrum Noir markers which are supposed work well on fabric. They have two felt tip ends, one for wide lettering and the other end for smaller text. I can't wait to try them out. The plan is to recreate this bag. I want a whole bunch of them!

Talking about shopping I found myself at Fabricland yesterday and I almost fainted when I saw the price of terry cloth the kind to make bathrobes. Are you sitting down? Fifty-two dollars (Cdn) per metre! When did terry cloth get so expensive? It has been decades since I made myself a robe and it shows in the worn patches. I was thinking about making a new one and replacing the old worn one that I currently have, until I saw the price of the fabric. But I will admit that it's a beautiful plush fabric to touch. For a project that calls for 3.8 metres of 150 cm or 5.4 metres of 115 cm wide fabric, this fabric will remain in my dreams.

I do have some stable knit fabric in my stash that Mama R reminded me about and which will work as a new bathrobe fabric. Remember this cardigan I made for Mama R? Well, I still have over six metres of this fabric in my stash and she's right, it will be perfect for a new robe! And at the bargain price ninety-nine cents a metre, it will be more in line with the budget.    

Mama R changed her mind on a black mourning cardigan jacket so Vogue 8916 is back on the shelf. I'm glad because my heart really wasn't into this project.

Did you watch the Tony Awards last night? When the camera caught Andrea Martin in her off-the-shoulder dress, I had a moment of wanting to sew the look.  Maybe OOP Vogue 1038 is going to jump queue.

I'm not sure when I'm going to be heading back into the sewing space... maybe in a couple of weeks when I'm laid off from work again and the Euro Cup winds down?

Until then, Happy Sewing!

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