Friday, 1 April 2016

Tee-Shirt, A Work in Progress

Stash-busting 2016:  kAtheRine Tilton Top

I honestly don't know why it has taken me so long to break open Vogue 8710. I should have known that it would be a winner, it is a Tilton design. This pattern, circa 2011, is currently out-of-print but still available on their website.   

I am just glad that I finally made this one because I love how it drapes in the front. This is on its way to becoming my go-to tee-shirt pattern. 

But it is not there yet. I just have to tweak the sizing a bit. I wouldn't mind trying it out with the sleeve, armhole and side near the bust cut as a small and then graded up to a medium towards the hem. The shoulder seam that leans towards the front, I love. I just don't like how the armhole droops off my shoulder. I need to fix that. I did shorten the top by two inches thinking I'll give this a one inch hem and shortened the sleeve by even more. 

The instructions to this pattern is detailed with silk-screening advice if this is a technique you would like to try out. The pattern instructs a different method for installing the neckline facing which I glanced over and then did my own thing. I first sewed both shoulder seams and then folded the neckline facing together, folded in half and stitched using a 3/8" seam allowance. I left off all of the topstitching and decided that I like the serged hems and will just leave it.  

This fabric has been in my stash longer than the pattern. We're talking decades. I picked it up for a song from Fanny Fabrics when it was closing down and I've been using this fabric for the leg and arm bands for the baby onesies over the years. Since I have quite a bit of this knit and I didn't want to cut into my other knits until I knew the pattern works, I thought to use it as my toile. Still needs some work, so I'm glad I didn't cut into some cherished pieces of knit before I fine tune this pattern.  

The Stats:  

Fabric:           1.6 metres cotton knit

Fusible Tape:     0.20 metres

Thread:           Premium thread on the serger and polyester thread for the sewing machine.  

Pattern:          Vogue 8710, circa 2011. 

Additional Tools, Supplies & Tricks of the trade:  Sewing machine, serger, walking foot, scissors, pins, an afternoon nap and cup or two of coffee.   

Happy Sewing!  



  1. Your version of this is much more attractive than the striped one on the envelope. I love the serged hems.

  2. Thanks, I was worried that it might look like I'm being lazy. Even though I've seen some wonderful coloured blocked and striped versions, I do prefer it in a solid colour on my petite height.


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