Friday, 9 October 2015

And the Work Keeps Piling Up!

I have an angel helping me out with the angel costumes. I came home from work to find out that Mama R had finished ironing the cloth for the costumes. I swear that woman is an angel living amongst us. It was a huge help as my issue with tendonitis has been acting up again this week.

The clock is ticking and I have less than eight weeks to get them done. And with that Mama R asked if I would make her another dress, jacket and top with some silver satin back crepe that we picked up years ago. Sometimes the things I promised her that I would make end up on the back burner as other things like angel costumes push their way to the front of the line. I need to learn how to say NO sometimes especially with this tendonitis issue. Yet there is so much I want to do but it just doesn't materialize. This would explain my fabric stash.   

Sewing as a form as enjoyment and relaxation has been slipping away recently and I find it's replaced as a chore. I don't want that. I think I need to find some good tunes to help feed the soul while I sew.  Any suggestions?  

Or maybe I need to take a break this weekend, enjoy the autumn splendour and recharge my batteries.  How about you, do you ever feel overwhelmed with sewing?  

Happy Sewing!


  1. How sweet of her :)

    Yes. I do. For me, sewing cannot feel like a chore. And if I get burned out, I am able to just not sew. And then I find a review posted or a piece of fabric in the stash, or a pattern to get the mojo flowing again.

    Take a break and enjoy!

  2. Sometimes I find my current project won't inspire me. Which then kills my sewing mojo. I'm learning that I need to set those projects aside for a later time and work on whatever interests me.

  3. I like being on my own sewing time. When people ask me to do alterations or a quilt it really puts me on edge. I always say I'm a greedy sewer. It seams when I have a lot of projects I seem to feel overwhelmed and procrastinate a lot more than if I sew for myself..........Take a breather & enjoy the Autumn!
    Bonnie @

  4. Go outside and play. Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be gorgeous! You can do inside stuff on Monday when it's supposed to rain.

  5. I often find that I am overwhelmed by the actual anticipation of the work I need to get done and when I actually get rational about , it isn't so bad and it feels so good to get it done . I also dislike doing things I don't enjoy when sewing should be my recreation where I can zone out and live in the here and now and have just a little bit if control over my life 😉


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