Friday, 14 August 2015

This Hoodie Makes Me Happy!

Stash-busting 2015:  Butterick 6253

This was my favourite pattern from the Butterick Fall 2015 release and I have to say that it is one of my favourite kAtheRine Tilton patterns. Can I add that Butterick 6253 is currently on sale via the website.  

The pattern:

This kAtheRine Tilton design is my idea of perfect. I like that it has a hood, pockets and enough ease around my mid-section--perfection in design! The length wasn't my idea of perfect as I have discovered while sewing other patterns that Katherine Tilton does not design for the petite five-foot woman. This meant that I had to do some pattern tweaking. I aimed to shorten the jacket by three inches so I shortened each tier by one and a half inches. I found it odd that there was no finished length measurement to be found on the pattern envelope or on the pattern pieces. I guesstimated this alteration based on the front facing pattern piece. And it worked out fine. The sleeve length was also shortened.

After my very extremely loose fitting jacket I decided to cut a size small with this one. I'm glad I did because I love the fit. I omitted the buttonhole and cord from the hood and opted for a twill tape topstitched around the hood.

The Fabric:

My desire is to make this jacket in the fabric that is found on the envelope photo except not in rayon. I haven't found anything remotely close to the Marcy Tilton fabric in the local fabric stores without any rayon content. And since this is my first attempt with this pattern I thought it would be best to use what I have in my fabric stash. 

Enter the sweatshirt fleece that I used for these shorts. I still had some left-over in my stash, although not enough to complete the jacket. So I mixed it with some black sweatshirt fleece. Both pieces of fabric weren't enough for the jacket but together it worked. The colour-blocking wasn't my initial plan but I have to admit I'm thrilled with how it turned out.

The fabrics have been pre-treated with a tumble in the washing machine and dryer. They did shrink during this process. The jacket was put together with the knit stitch on my sewing machine and the seams were finished on the serger.  

The Stats: 

Fabric:           2.6 metres $23.50 ($16.00/metre - 50% off + taxes)

Twill Tape:    1.05 metres $0.42 ($0.35/metre + taxes)

Zipper:          22" separating zipper $2.80 ($4.95 - 50% off + taxes)

Basting tape:  44" $0.00 (2014 Birthday gift) 

Needle:          New serger needle $1.68 ($5.95/package ÷ 4 + taxes)

Pattern:          Butterick 6253 $13.56 ($19.95 - 40% off + taxes) 

Happy Sewing!


  1. It is pretty great colorblocked! Enjoy wearing it!! :-)

    1. Thanks! It is hot here for the next couple of days. We're supposed to have a break from the heat next week and maybe I can wear it then. Or perhaps I'll turn up the a/c? And the colour-blocking, lol, I was just trying to use up small pieces of fabric. Who knew it would turn out this well. It was a total fluke!

  2. Like it! Well done with the colorblocking.

    1. Thanks. Again I can't take the credit for the colour-blocking. I was just trying to use some of the smaller pieces of fabric I had in my stash and it worked out.

  3. Love the colors that you chose. Great job!

  4. Love it. I may just have to hit Butterick and get this pattern. I do need some new fall/winter patterns...Or am I deluding myself.

    God bless.

  5. I love your version, and the color blocking is a great addition. I am hu ting for the perfect fabric for is still 110F here so I have time .

  6. Gorgeous hoodie! I just bought this at the BMV sale and can't wait for it to get here!


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