Saturday, 29 August 2015

Lisette Top

Stash-adding 2015:  Pull-over Top

Yes, I did add some more fabric to my stash. In my defence it was a beautiful shade of green crepe and I made a top that I'm sure will see a lot of wear.

The Pattern: 

I made a couple of tops using Butterick 6182 already. One was in a ponte knit for moi and the other was a test version in a polyester fabric for Mama R. We both like this pattern. When I used this pattern for Mama R I had to grade the pattern up just under the bust line and since my fabric was a bit short in length and narrow in width, I had to be creative in my pattern placement. The top, therefore, was cut out in the smallest size I could manage and became a make for moi even though Mama R liked this fabric as well. The sacrifices I have to make when sewing. ;)

I cut the pattern in a size 14 with no alterations to the pattern and this is a quick and easy make. If I had a wee bit more length I would have added another inch or so to the length, but I could not. The only design change is that I did not fold over the bias cut neck facing. I was able to cut and put this together in an afternoon.

The Fabric:  

I found this fabric deep in the discounted area of Northwest Fabrics. It is a beautiful piece of crepe, not the light-weight crepe that I can currently find at Fabricland. More a sign of the times than a criticism of a store's selection. This fabric is from Olga's, a local dress shop, that went bankrupt and their fabrics ended up at the fabric store. Most of the selection was priced at $3.99/metre and reduced to 99¢ if you purchased the remainder of the bolt. Too bad there wasn't more fabric left on the bolt because I surely would have taken it all. This crepe has some body to it and a nice drape.

I was working with slightly less than a metre of uncut length but there was a good 0.3 metres of length that had some cut out from the width. With the cut section, I was able to cut the neckline band on the bias. The main front and back pieces were creatively squeezed together in order to get cut out, thankfully there was no nap to contend with. If I only had a wee bit length, I would have loved to cut the back without a centre back seam (on the fold) and add some length.

I did not preshrink this fabric, I figure since it is a polyester crepe and a loose fitting style I would be okay. And I was being lazy. I do need to wash it before I put into rotation [fingers are crossed].

The Stats:  

Fabric:      0.9 metres $1.01 (99¢ / metre + taxes)

Needle:     Sewing machine needle.  

Pattern:     Butterick 6182, already priced out in another version.  

Gotta love a bargain like this!

Happy Sewing!


  1. I like this top! The more I see people make this pattern, the more I begin to like it!

    1. Me too, at first when I first spotted this pattern I was okay about it until I saw what people were doing with it. I really like the front dart placement, it's an easy top to wear and make.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I don't usually go for crepe fabric but it colour got me as well.

  3. I've recently made this as a dress from linen. Very comfortable. Not sure I liked it, but got several compliments in the first wearing, so it will stay in the closet for a while.

    1. I'm currently making the dress for my Mom. She loves it, but it doesn't quite look like the illustration because I added some ease below the bust-line. She loves how comfortable it is and I think I might be making her another one.


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