Saturday, 29 March 2014

In Sewing News Today...

This printed cotton sateen is a recent addition to my stash. I picked it up thinking that it would make a cute sailor's dress.  

As quickly as it was added to my stash, it left. This gorgeous printed sateen fabric will now be used for a new navy dress for Mama R. How can you say no to your Mom? You just can't. Especially when she expresses such good taste in fabric. It will make a lovely dress for her. As for a sailor's dress for moi, I do have a solid navy sateen in my stash.  

In other sewing news, I have in my hot little hands McCall's 8943. It is a vintage 1997 pattern.  

This is a shirt pattern that I've been searching for the longest time. It has french cuffs! I found it over at and it arrived this week to my absolute delight. 

And I think I have made a decision.  

These are the items that I will use to make my Chanel-esque jacket. An orange jacket with orange lining and blue trim. 

I have a few things to clear off the sewing table as soon as I stop coughing up my lungs. It has been a rough week away from the sewing machine. How I miss that soothing hum from the sewing machine. In the meantime, I've been watching Claire Shaeffer's DVD The Couture Cardigan Jacket.  

Until then, Happy Sewing!   

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  1. Your Mum does indeed have good taste ~ this fabric is gorgeous! Hope you are feeling better soon and back behind the machine ... J


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