Saturday, 8 March 2014

Adjusting My Adjustments

Before I get into any sewing news.  Happy International Women's Day!  

Okay, now back to regular scheduled programming. There has been sewing. I found this pattern, Vogue 1239, over at etsy awhile ago. I've had my eye on Vogue 1239 for quite some time before I gave up and went ahead and purchased the size 12 with the twenty-six and a half inch waist. It wasn't my size but I convinced myself that I could adjust the pattern to fit.  

I'm making version A, the skirt on the left. It is an eight gored skirt with a wide waistband and side pockets. There is no zipper, the closure is located on the side and it closes with snaps and hooks. I altered the pattern by adding 1/4 inch to each seam line adding an additional two inches.

It seemed to work as I tried it on prior to sewing the waistband. Sadly, I didn't adjust the waistband as well as I managed to adjust the gored skirt pieces. It was too small and I didn't notice that even after I had cut out another waistband lining piece because I sewed the wrong sides together. I didn't even figure it out as I had to ease the front waistband to fit and then also had to take in the front. Not enough coffee is my defence and I'm sticking too it. I finally squeezed out the denial when I tried it on, one more time.

Thank goodness a seam ripper was near by and there is extra fabric to play around with. I think I know what to do. Drink more coffee and then I'm going to slice the waistband pieces along the centre markings and add one inch to the centres of these two pattern pieces. Hopefully, [fingers crossed] this will do the trick. We'll see if I have a new skirt tomorrow...

Until then, Happy Sewing!  

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