Saturday, 21 September 2013

Lady-like Fashions

I have recently become quite smitten with the lady-like looks found in Vogue Couturier Design and Vogue designer patterns from back-in-the-day, more specifically the nineteen seventies. Once I get my rid of this sinus infection, finish that damn shirt and pants that are taking FOREVER to get done, find my sewing mojo and some free time, I hope to relax and challenge myself with these patterns.  

Until then, I thought I would share my latest vintage pattern finds.  

The perfect pattern!
The Sybil Connolly design has a gathered front yoke.  The yoke facing has pleats. Oh the details!

The perfect fabric!
I was sitting at the doctor's office flipping through the super heavy Vogue magazine (when you don't have your normal energy it feels like a ton!). Flipping through the pages, I saw the most gorgeous dress all in orange.

Oh. My. Goodness. I started to think about the orange fabric that has been sitting in my stash for over two years now. This fabric is perfect for fall and it has a nice stable drape that will work lovely with these gathers at the bodice. It is as if I was meant to save this fabric for this pattern. Sometimes a gorgeous fabric is just waiting for the perfect pattern.   

The other pattern that has me over the moon is another Teal Traina pattern. This is the second Teal Traina pattern that has made it into my stash. I still haven't got around to sewing the first. Life just gets too busy sometimes. But I digress (once again)... 

This Teal Traina design has a pin tuck insert. I adore the look of pin-tucks. The last time I did pin-tucks it took me forever. Luckily, since then I have invested in a pin-tuck foot that would be perfect for this project.   

Well, if a gal can't sew while she's on the mend, at least she can dream about future sewing projects.   

Happy Sewing! (and sweet dreams)...   


  1. I love the lines and design of both patterns.

  2. Both patterns are very nice. I love them.

  3. You are going to love the Sybil Connolly pattern. I've collected quite a few of her Vogue patterns and the details were what made me hunt so many of them down. It will look stunning in the orange fabric!


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