Friday, 12 October 2018

Sewing thoughts...

When did thread get so expensive?  

Seriously, I could buy lunch for the cost of one of these spools of thread. That's just bananas. 

I bought the thread.

Will be brown bagging it for the next while.

What am I thinking? I'm always brown bagging it.  It pays for the thread.   

Besides thread, there have been thoughts of winter sewing.     

Vogue Patterns came out with their new Winter / Holiday patterns this week and not one coat pattern to be found. I really thought there might be a coat pattern.  

I'm re-visiting out-of-print Vogue 8934 to make a winter coat.      

Also planning on revisiting Simplicity 8529.  

Finally decided on which fabric to get with the EmmaOneSock gift certificate. It's an "all virgin wool sweater jersey" from Italy.  They don't sell thread.  

Pretty excited about this fabric.  

Can't believe I ordered a pink fabric.  

Over-the-moon excited to find a 100% virgin wool. 

Natural fibres won over colour choice.   

First time ordering fabric on-line.  

It was weird committing to a fabric choice that I didn't feel first.  

I hope the excitement doesn't fade by the time it gets here. 

Happy Sewing!  


  1. I was dubious about online fabric shopping to start too, but you learn a few things and then it starts showing the pro side. Like catalog shopping long ago, you get the excitement of when you order, the drawn out anticipation of waiting for the package, and then the second joy of purchase when it arrives. I bet you are pleased with that wool. It’s nice to realize your choices are expanded to anywhere that sells online. Sometimes swatches are a good thing to do, like muslins.

  2. Thread prices!! oh dear, us in Australia pay $4 (Aussie dollar) for 100m of Gutermann. If you go to, you will get what we pay for this thread. Ripp off comes to mind. And my machines does not like Gutermann at all!! Happy sewing. Helen


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