Thursday, 9 August 2018

Vintage McCall's 7352: Jumper

McCall's 7352, circa 1994, is part of the NY The Collection line from by-gone days. Yet it's a pattern that I've longed to tackle for decades and I recently worked on it. 

With a recent weight loss, I thought that I might be able to squeeze into a size 12 but gave myself a little extra ease at the side seams. There was high hopes that this project would turn into a wearable toile / muslin.  Ah, but it wasn't meant to be.  

Lengthwise, after shortening the lower length by two inches, it was perfect. It just fell snug around the mid-section. My fabric choice has some stretch but even with the extra ease at the sides and gently pulling it at the front, I'm still not all that comfortable. I let out the side seams to provide more ease around my mid-section and hips but markings were left in my fabric and I wish the centre fronts were extended. And let's talk about the back darts. Oh my goodness, they fall really low, much lower than any other back darts that I've sewn but the curves they create make them an absolute love-it feature. I also adore the placement of the side-to-back ties which are positioned higher than the waist-line.   

On the upside, I can work with this to modify the pattern and hopefully, one day, have a copy of this jumper to wear.  I also think I would like to add pockets. If I could get more ease, maybe in the front from the princess seam.  

This didn't turn out to be a wearable toile / muslin but it has inspired me to dream on. 

Happy Sewing!

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