Sunday, 29 October 2017

Kwik Sew 4197: Jacket

My weekend sewing plans changed while out at the farmer's market on Saturday and quickly noticing that I didn't dress nearly warm enough while out in the open space. It was cold. Could see your breath cold. It was the nudge that I needed to get to work on this project.  

This jacket is made with Kwik Sew 4197, a 2016 release. The pattern is well-drafted and it was an easy sew. Easy but messy. But that is another paragraph.

It has been awhile since I've sewn with a Kwik Sew pattern and the first thing I noticed is that they have move from the hard stock paper to tissue pattern printed patterns. I felt nostalgically sad when I opened the pattern and discovered this but I guess the hint of it should have been the different envelope and lighter weight. I got over it quickly when the initial sadness turned to appreciation during the cutting process.

Tissue paper was just fine when it came to cutting out this fabric and it's pile. The pattern instructions for the most part are excellent. I did get over the disappointment that there were no finished garment measurements anywhere to be found despite finding this on the instructions sheet, "[c]ompare the measurement of the finished garment, printed on the pattern piece to your body measurements." I'm just complaining over nothing, it was easy to measure the pattern pieces and do some simple math. I guess I just wanted to hurry and get this project done.

There was time spent marking the seam allowance in order to overlap the pattern pieces and topstitch.

The excess on the underside had to be trimmed.

Folding the excess over, it was clipped close to the edge.  

My favourite feature of this jacket are the overlapped and top-stitched seams.  

I stumbled across this fabric over the summer and couldn't resist the 70% off sticker. It's not a natural fabric that I'm trying to sew more of, but it appears to be a fabric that I'm hoping will keep me warm on these cold autumns days. I was a little worried about how to sew it. I read recommendations to use a teflon foot, instead I used the roller foot that I had on hand. It worked out great. I used a denim needle as suggested and a heavier weight thread. I chose a longer stitch length and pinned the pieces with silk pins that did not leave any marks.    

The Stats:  

Fabric:  2 metres faux shearling 

Needle:  1 - Jeans 100/16

Pattern:  Kwik Sew 4197

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Cutting table, thread clippers, scissors, measuring tape, measuring gauge, silk pins, tailor's chalk, sewing machine, roller foot, walking foot, serger, threads, vacuum, mini sewing machine vacuum, lint brushes, and lint roller.   

Happy Sewing!  


  1. I love this! And it seems like a nice, quick project. I've been too afraid to try shearling. Maybe I will soon!

    1. It was quick and easy. I'm really pleased with the pattern. And the fabric, I didn't find it difficult once I found the right thread, needle and presser foot to use.

  2. Looks great and so warm! I would love to add a shearling piece to my wardrobe--have the pattern--but it's time just hasn't come yet.

    1. It was cold out again today, windy and flurries, but this really did keep me warm while out doing errands. I just miss having a pocket to put my keys. I might have to go back and add one.

  3. Beautiful. The jacket will keep you nice and warm this fall.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks, it did today while out running errands. :)


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