Wednesday, 14 September 2016

What to Sew Now?

My original fall sewing plans are on hold right now. I still want these items in my wardrobe but I'm back to work with a new exciting assignment. 

So what is a gal to wear when you have the privilege to work with little angels?  Parts of my work week are make up of joyful workdays filled with lots of bending, kneeling, sitting on the floor, sweeping, wiping down tables, and getting dusty in the playground. A professional dress code of no denim, no leggings, no leisure-athletic wear, basically follow these rules throw a challenge into the mix.   

I'm not a casual dresser by any means, it's just not me. I'm most comfortable in a dress and it is my preference when getting dressed for work but this year, it is not always a practical choice. So, what to sew now?  

Enter my new fall sewing plan. Butterick 6097 is my favourite shirt pattern and my favourite shirt but it doesn't cut it in the movement department and it just might be too dressy for the playground. Instead, a flared pullover top, McCall's 7407, might be more appropriate and give me the movement that I will require. Katherine Tilton's loose-fitting pullover top, Butterick 6218, also made it to the new fall sewing plan. I'm certainly looking for tops with sleeves.  

And I need comfortable pants. With the exception of one pair of pants, all my pants, OOP Vogue 1325, are made with 100% wool or wool and cashmere blend and are way too nice for the playground. I'm thinking Marcy Tilton's OOP Vogue 8637 pull-on pants in a black ponte knit or perhaps Donna Karan's pants, OOP Vogue 1417.  

I hope to put away the grey British wool sitting on my cutting table and get to work on these more practical items this weekend. I now have a new understanding and appreciation for what Carolyn from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic went through. It is easy now-a-days to stand in front of a closet full of clothes and say, "I haven't got a thing to wear!" I need to change that.  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. I can recommend V 1417 trousers. They are a great shape!

    1. I like that they have pockets and they're described as loose-fitting in the hips. The hips are an area of concern for me when making pants. And pockets, I certainly need pockets at work.

    2. Oh and thank you for the recommendation, it is always good to hear a thumbs up on a pattern I'm considering.


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