Monday, 25 November 2013

I Am One Lucky Lady

Remember last weekend when I told you about the long-lost scissors that I found rusting away in the garage?  

Yup, these ones. Oh gawd, how I missed these. I actually gave up hope of every finding them. I stumbled upon them while finding a good home for an artificial Christmas tree.  

Despite all the rust, I was really happy to have them in my possession once again. But I was at a complete lost as how to restore them to their past glory.  

This task called for some internet research. Vinegar was the popular advice for remov-ing rust. So I gave it a try. After about an hour sitting in a vase with straight vinegar there was some improvement.   

There still remains some rust after the soak in vinegar.  

Another suggestion found online was to use WD-40.  

It worked! The last bit of rust wiped off easily.    

And the best part is that it cuts well too. I'm one luckily lady. All that is left to do is take Elle C's advice and get myself one of these. Great idea, eh? Thanks Elle!  

Happy Sewing!  

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  1. I am glad I was able to be of use 8-). It is truly a brilliant idea if one lives with people that do not respect the fabric scissors. I remember reading about a woman whose husband used her shears for cutting window screen material, she took him to the fabric store and made him buy her either Gingher or Kai scissors. He learned his lesson. Glad you didn't have to resort to such drastic measures.


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