Monday, 20 June 2016

I Finally Made Something!

I finally sat down and made something. Okay, before we get all excited, it was a really simple project. Although, I did have to figure out a few things first. But before I get ahead of myself...    

I made a bowl cozy! I've wanted to make one ever since I spotted a rooster print one over on this Etsy shop. I think the next one I make I will increase the width of the darts so that it hugs the bowl a bit more.  

I think the size is perfect and it really doesn't need any adjustments since it will do it's job as it is, I just think I would like it to have more lift. Personal preference, nothing more.  

It's made with a 100% quilting cotton for the outside fabrics, Wrap-N-Zap™ micro-wave safe 100% natural cotton batting for the inside, and stitched with 100% cotton thread. I found the vintage camera and film print fabric at Fabricland. Cute, eh?  

Happy Sewing!  


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