Monday, 7 March 2016

Wants vs. Needs

Vogue patterns released some more patterns and I'm trying to be good and work with what I have in my stash but I need this one,

Marcy Tilton's Vogue 9193. You see I need gym pants and these would totally work.  

Now onto wants.  

Vogue 1503

I have too many blouse and shirt patterns to justify another one as a need. What I need is to get to work on making up the patterns that I already have sitting around the sewing work table. But look at those pockets. ♡

Vogue 9181

And I so want this pants pattern, boot-leg cut pants for curvy figures. Was Vogue patterns reading my mind or what?  If I break down and fulfill my want list I have to pick up this one to go with Vogue 1503.  

How about you?  Are there any patterns that fall into your want or need list?  

Happy Sewing!


  1. Well, I need more lower layers of clothing (tank tops, tees, etc), and a friend of mine recently made up the tiny pocket tank from Grainline ( that I'm drooling over. I have tonnes of patterns that could make something similar, but my friend's tank top DOESN'T GAPE and now I might need to buy the pattern. :)

  2. I am tempted to purchase Todays Fit vest and the little jacket by Marcy Tilton. I am curious to see if they come up on the pattern review site.

  3. The trouser pockets on 9193 are very interesting. I have to learn to look at the line drawings on patterns to see if any of them are interesting.

  4. I am seeing lots I like in the Vogue collection, and I love the pockets on Marcy's new top and pants. The little jackets are cute too, and I will certainly use a pattern like that as I live in either 100F or AC during the summer :-)


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