Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Cozy in Pink Part II

Stash Busting 2016:  Vogue 9193, The Pants

I picked up this pattern, Vogue 9193, for the pants because with those pockets I thought they would work as gym wear. I'll have somewhere to put my iPod while I'm working out.

And then when I looked closely at the pattern I thought paired with the tunic it would also make a lovely pair of pajamas. These pajama bottoms are my wearable muslin for the exercise pants I plan to make.  

I really like that this pattern has an elasticized waist and is loose-fitting in the hip area. As a pear-shaped gal, I appreciate patterns like these. It was another selling-feature that made me pick up this pattern. And it did not disappoint. Now I do know that making these two pieces in velour and wearing them together makes me look like I'm embracing my inner

Betty White

And I'm starting to understand the allure of velour tracksuits, but I promise, these are strictly nightwear. I have my inner Betty White under control for the time being.

“I'm a teenager trapped in an old body.” 

This pants pattern will be cherished as another tried and true (TNT) pattern. I don't know that I will sew another top from this pattern since tunics and petite stature are not usually a good mix but these pants, love 'em. I didn't even have to adjust the length on this one. I did cut the crotch at a size 14 and cut the sides as a size 16 just because of the pear shape but I could have easily cut a size 14 without any fitting issues.

The fabric (from Northwest Fabrics) proved to be a pain in the wrist, as I struggled to match up the edges when sewing seams that were prone to curling in opposite directions. After sewing this pattern in velour, I'm inclined to toss the remaining three metres into the donate pile but it is so soft and comfortable. And well, Betty White might just be onto something.

The Stats:

Fabric:     2.2 metres

Elastic:     1.2 metres

Pattern:     Vogue 9193

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Sewing machine, serger, walking foot, pins, scissors, thread, thread clippers, coffee, and the radio playing in the background.

Happy Sewing!


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    1. These pants are so comfortable, I have some black ponte knit somewhere in my stash that I would like to use to make another pair soon.


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