Monday, 18 January 2016

Monday's Mending Pile

I haven't been getting too much of my own mending done because well, I love my folks and another pair of their pants ended up on the mending pile. This time it is a pair of pants for Mama R. Did you faint? Most people are shocked when they see Mama R in pants because 99% of the time she's wearing a dress. It is only when it is this cold and she has to go outside that she will wear a pair of pants. And she wanted to wear a pair of pants that she recently picked up at the mall. I know, you're probably asking why I don't just make her a pair of pants but I have offered many times. Even her favourite pattern, Simplicity 2372, has a pattern for pants. Could it be that she doesn't trust me? Anyway, I digress... 

Mama R is a wee-petite lady and even though she picked these pants up in the petite section, they still had to be cut before they were hemmed.  

First, I basted where the pants were folded up after she tried them on and they were pinned. Then I used the basting shown in red to measure an inch and a half hem where I cut and finished the edge on the serger. The pink basting I stitched to aid with the fold for the blind hem that I did on the sewing machine.  

The best part of this project is how happy and appreciative Mama R is with her pants. I just wish she would let me make her a pair. Maybe one day but for now, she would rather have another dress.  

Happy Mending!  

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