Thursday, 14 January 2016

In Sewing News Today...

Have you seen Rivergum's dress? You can check it out on her blog, The Insouciant Stitcher. She took one of my favourite Marcy Tilton patterns, Vogue 9060, and made the most brilliant dress. And to top it off, she made it in a woven rather than knit fabric.  

This is my idea of the perfect dress. And now Rivergum has me thinking about using the skirt pattern to create a my own dress. Rivergum used her Eva dress bodice and some creative drafting techniques to cut the bodice and main skirt piece as one.  

Since I don't own the Eva dress pattern and I already added three new patterns to the stash, I thought that the bodice from Vogue 1312 would work as well. Of course, I have no idea when I'm going to find time to make this creation but I figure it will be a cute summer dress so I have time to clear off what is on the table.  

And that would be the supplies for the cape. I haven't yet pre-treated the melton wool that I've picked up for the project even though I did decide on the pre-shrinkage method that I'm going to do. Thank you for the comments and suggestions! I'm going with the dryer method but I'm delayed until I can get some help wringing out some towels since I'm wearing another brace, this time on the left hand. I haven't even traced out my pattern pieces yet. I'm all talk, no action this week.  

And those patterns I added to the stash... 

This OOP Issey Miyake pattern I found on Etsy.  

And these two Vogue spring releases are on their ways as well. Did you know that Vogue, Butterick and McCall's are currently on sale until Sunday?  

Anyway, that is all in sewing news today.

Happy Sewing!  



  1. oooh! that Issey Miyake -love it. Hope your wrist feels better soon!

    1. Thanks Janet. The professionals that I have seen believe it may be a torn cartilage in my wrist. Thankfully it is not the right hand and Sox recommended an amazing physiotherapist here in the city. Yes, I can't wait to make up that Issey Miyake, I've been checking out the knits in the stash in the meantime.

  2. FYI:the bodice on the V1312 runs small. I love your new patterns, and I too picked up the Koos jacket.

    1. Thanks Mary. Yes, I do know the Vogue 1312 bodice runs small but it also is a raised waist, which works well with hiding my mid-section bump. So I'm hoping that it will work. [fingers crossed] The Koos jacket is so cool, I had to pick it up even though I don't need another jacket.

  3. I really want that that new jacket pattern!!!!

    1. Last day of the MBV sale! Go for it! You, Mary and I can show off our new jackets in the near future. Mind you, it might take 3 weeks to a month for my pattern to arrive.


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