Wednesday, 11 October 2017

And Now the Matching Jacket

This is a project that a week ago was no where on my radar along with this dress. It's funny how plans can quickly change.

This is the same pattern that I used for the black wool jacket but with one more change. Mama R didn't like how the lining fabric showed when she moved her arm. In the original pattern instructions the sleeve and the lining are to be stitched together at the wrist. On this one I extended the sleeve length an additional inch and a half to give the appearance of a facing with the fashion fabric and to hide the lining fabric if Mom were to lift up her arms.

It did mean that I strayed from the pattern instructions to accommodate this latest request. I didn't mind. Actually, I found it easier this time around since I didn't have to hand-stitch the sleeve lining at the sleeve cap.

Instead, I flat sewed the sleeve cap instead of doing a set-in sleeve both on the fashion fabric and lining. Then I sewed the bodice and sleeve sides. I also left the wrist open and an opening at the bottom back to pull the jacket to the right sides instead of pulling it through an open armhole. I thought it was much easier. The final step was to slip stitch the openings closed.

Oh, and this one I added a little Vogue label. I know it's not an actual Vogue designer pattern but with all the changes that Mom requested I think it makes it an Mama R Vogue designer original and worthy of a label.

The fabric as previous mentioned a bargain find from Fabricland. It was quite narrow in width compared to other piece of satin back crepe I've found in the past. I started with five and a half metres and thought for sure I would have enough for two dresses and a jacket, I'm only left with 1.4 metres. This piece of fabric is 115 cm (45") wide.  Maybe there is enough for a top someday?

The Stats:

Fabric:  2.1 metres 100% polyester

Interfacing:  0.5 metres horsehair interfacing

Underlining: 1.2  metres organza

Needles:  2 Klasse Sharps, size 70 (broke one while sewing too close to pins.  My bad.)

Thread:  1 more spool polished off

Pattern:  OOP Vogue 8916

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Cutting table, pins, ruler, measuring tape, scissors, thread clippers, sewing machine, walking foot, serger, tweezers, canned air, ironing board, iron, Polysporin® (knocked the iron over and it landed on my arm), pain meds, tailor's ham, sleeve roll, pressing block / clapper, pressing cloth, damp cloth (for wiping off water stains from the iron! Thankfully, it worked.) hand needle, silk thread, tea, coffee, and some good tunes.

Happy Sewing!

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