Thursday, 11 May 2017

One Last One!

It is time to pack away Vogue 9057 and move onto another challenge but before I do, I have one more to show 'n tell.  

This one is for Mama R and if the fabric looks familiar it is the same fabric I used for the very first one. This one far more superior from the first time I stitched it because of the fit. It is the number one reason to sew clothes, you can achieve a fit that you want (after a few tries, ha ha). 
There are several changes / alterations made to this top pattern:
  1. Straightened the hem, eliminating the hi-lo hemline.  
  2. Lengthened the sleeves, pattern piece 5 (view A), by one inch and stitched with a 5/8" instead of a 1" hem.
  3. Changed the neckline shape, adding 1" along the front curve and tapering to 3/4" at the centre back. 
  4. Omitted the sleeve band, pattern piece 4 (view A).
  5. Eliminated the neckband, pattern piece 3 (view A).
  6. Flared the sides by 2" from the hem and tapering to medium cutting line at the armhole.  
So this makes five versions of this top. I won't be keeping all of them. The first one doesn't fit around the neckline that way I like and the burgundy and this one are to be gifted to Mama R.  

Yellow top has a 1 1/2" flare, burgundy top has a 2" flare, digital print top has a 1 1/2" flare,
and the multi-coloured top has a 2" flare.  All have modified necklines.

The Stats:

Fabric:  2 metres polyester knit

Fusible Tape:  3 metres Knit-N-Stitch™

Pattern:  Vogue 9057

Needle:  Serger needle 90/14

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Cutting table, pins, tailor's chalk, rulers, measuring tape, sewing machine, serger, threads for the machines, scissors, thread clippers, tweezers, screw driver, iron, ironing board, and coffee.  

Happy Sewing!  

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