Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Spring Vogue Patterns

The new spring Vogue patterns were released last night. Oh My!  

Vogue 9174
Marcy Tilton posted a preview of this pattern, Vogue 9174, on her website and I've been waiting for its release since.  

Vogue 1488
Vogue 1488, a DKNY shirtdress and slip looks comfy, I would just have to lengthen it significantly if I want to make it work.  I really like the front tie detail.  

Vogue 1493
I was surprised to see another Koos van den Akker design, Vogue 1493. It is such a beautiful design that highlights the loss the design world endured last year.

Vogue 1494
And another jacket caught my eye, Sandra Betzina's Vogue 1494. It is a high waisted peplum coat. My kind of coat and one of the suggested fabrics happens to be lambs leather. Could you just imagine! 

Vogue 9168
This has to be the biggest surprise of the collection, Kathryn Brenne's dress. Even though it is not at all my style, I will admit that I do find it to be quite pretty. My favourite part of this outfit is the slip worn underneath.  

Vogue 9168
Vogue 9177
And there is another little gal's dress that I think is too cute.

Vogue 9177
It is the smocking detail that I think is too cute. This pattern goes up to a girls size 8 which I haven't typically seen before, usually I come across patterns for smocking in younger sizes. I've always admire this detail but I think my days of little girl dresses is behind me. But I hope to follow someone else as they tackle this project, it looks like a lovely pattern.  

What about you, did you have any favourite picks from the new Vogue line?  

Happy Sewing!  


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