Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Wish List

The Sewing Edition


1.  A Pair of Small Scissors.  

During the time that I was running a sewing club with my co-workers, my small scissors disappeared and there is nothing that I miss more while I'm sitting down to sew at the serger or while hand-stitching.  


2.  Outrageously expensive and gorgeous buttons.  


Just because.  

3.  Serger thread.  

The good stuff that I can only afford when they go on sale.  

4.  Time to actually enjoy sewing.    


Or at least the strength to say, "Thanks, but no thank you," when someone asks me to sew for them as if I have nothing else to do in my life. Sewing hasn't been enjoyable of late. I would really like have my hobby back.  

And that's all I want for Christmas.  What's on your Christmas wish list?  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. Curious - what serger thread do you like the best? And if you find a source of extra time please let us know where to get it, because I'm running short.... LOL!

    1. Gutermann Miniking 1000m (from Germany). These spools of thread are finer than the other spools I was using and since I switched to this brand I haven't had any more issues with thread and my serger. Coincidence, I don't know but I really like how they look (less bulky) and it leaves a nice seam finish. I'm quite smitten over this serger thread. They are quite a bit more ($7.99 + tax, regular price) than the other spools ($1.99 + tax) so, I usually wait until they go on sale.

      And as far as time, ~sigh~ a gal can dream...


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