Saturday, 28 November 2015

A Little Selfish Sewing...

Stash-busting 2015:  Vogue 8939

Sometimes you just want to do a little selfish sewing, use an easy-peasy TNT pattern, and whip together a quick make.

The Pattern:

I can not believe that this pattern is already out-of-print. It came out in 2013 but the dress is a classic piece. This is the second one that I have made up using this pattern. It has an average rating, but the dress is super easy to pull together. I actually spent more time looking for the pattern piece for the collar than I did sewing up the dress.  

Yes, my copy of this pattern is missing the collar. I have no idea where it has gone. I hope one day this pattern piece and I will cross paths again. Until then, I borrowed the turtleneck pattern from Burda 6990 to help me out.

The only other changes to the pattern were shortening the sleeves and lengthening the hem. I started off by adding ten inches to the length and then cut off five inches. I wish I added six inches allowing for a one inch hem. This one has the narrowest hem allowance I thought I could get away with, even though it is not my ideal length. I will admit to being happy that it does sit below the knee.

The Fabric:

I found this piece of fabric at Fabricland and picked it up because I was all smitten over the colour. It is a heavier knit and will be great during the winter. It feels like a scuba knit but I can't remember if it was labelled as such. When I spotted this I thought I would make up another Marcy Tilton skirt with this fabric but then I would have to make a top to go with it, so I changed my mind.

I didn't want to top-stitch my hems even though I had a twin needle waiting in the wings. Instead, I finished off the hems with the blind hem foot.  

The Stats:

Fabric:     2 metres polyester knit $24.86 ($22.00 - 50% off + taxes)

Thread:    I've averaged out $3.00 to cover sewing machine, basting, and serger thread used.

Pattern:    Vogue 8939, already priced out in a previous version.    

Additional Tools:  Sewing Machine, serger, cutting table, pins, walking foot, blind-hem foot, and hand sewing needle.  


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! (me too, I think I'll get a lot of wear out of this one.)

  2. Yeah! selfish sewing! So nice to see you modelling your make. Looks good.

    1. I finally found a wireless remote for the camera so hopefully, I'll try to take more pictures with the makes on instead of on the mannequin.

  3. Is there a black hole that pattern pieces disappear into, only to appear after the garment has been made? Must be. Glad you made a save without it.

    Lovely colour, and a perfect dress for a Canuck winter. Nice to see you!

    1. Thanks and yes, I do believe there is a black hole or maybe I need to tidy-up the workspace.

  4. The dress looks really good. Nice and comfortable and the colour will brighten up a Canadian Prairie winter.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, and yes, it is comfortable. I actually wouldn't mind making up one more.


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