Monday, 10 August 2015

I'm Drowning!

Stash-adding 2015:  Vogue 9135

My goodness when I spotted Vogue 9135 in the new fall release, my jaw hit the floor and I couldn't wait to get my hands on this pattern. I even went and added fabric to my stash just for this project. And now I'm kicking myself because this

My droopy and sad version of Vogue 9135.

does not look anything like this.

Kathryn Brenne's gorgeous version.

The Pattern:

There pattern has a very generous amount of ease. I'm drowning in this jacket. Now, I should have known better since the pattern description reads,
Very loose-fitting, unlined vest and jacket (wrong side shows) has front and back outside casings with ties, flat-fell seams, and stitched hems. B: Side pockets, and front hook & eye closing. 
Somehow, I just assumed even with the "very loose-fitting" description, I wouldn't be drowning in it.  I even thought it would look as good on me as it does the model. Sometimes, I forget that I'm not a skinny, six foot Vogue pattern model. This is extremely loose-fitting on my petite, size 14 frame. I made a size medium. I could easily gone with a size XS. The sizing and length reminds me of kAtheRine Tilton's vest pattern that I made last year.  

I even found that the waistline marking sits a little low on me and if I knew better made a muslin, I would have raised where the back ties are located. The deeply dropped armhole (not my favourite) made it challenging to shorten the sleeve length so I went with my typical amount and hoped for the best. I still had to roll up the sleeves if I don't want to go with the drown look.

The instructions called for a corset hook to hold in the ties in the front of the jacket. I didn't do this since I opted for cording.

I stitched it in place with a little loop peaking through at one end and two ties hanging out the other.

I did use the pattern piece for the ties to measure the length of the cord. I also strayed away from the flat-felled seams called for in the pattern instructions. Instead, I used my serger to finish off the seams. The serging does show on the neckline edge but it really isn't all that noticeable since my thread does match the fabric quite well and the eye is distracted by the oversized amount of fabric that sits on my body.

I do love that this jacket has pockets. And to be completely honest, if I were a skinny, six-foot Vogue model and made a smaller size, I'm sure the sizing would be perfect. 

The Fabric:

I picked up this colourful fabric in the home decor section of Fabricland when it was on sale. It is a light-weight polyester according to the label but I question if there might be some cotton in there by the way it frays, handles heat from the iron and reacted in the washer and dryer.  

I pre-washed the fabric in the washer and dryer.  It handed a high temperature cotton setting on the iron without damaging the surface.  

I should mention that I purchased the recommended yardage on the pattern envelope (2.7 metres) but found that I didn't need that much fabric. I still have 1.15 metres left over. This could very well be that I didn't cut out the pattern pieces for the ties. Instead, I purchased and used cord.

The Stats:

Fabric:    1.6 metres $32.54 ($32.00 / metre - 50% off + taxes.  I only calculated the amount of fabric used for this project, not the total amount that I purchased.)

Pattern:   $22.52 ($33.00 - 40% off + taxes) 

Cord:      $2.71 ($1.20 - 50% off + taxes)    

I'm going to wear it only because I spent so much money on the materials and it does have pockets so this would be good for work. Otherwise, the dropped armholes, much too long sleeves, and bagginess of this jacket makes me feels like I'm drowning in a bad eighties look. Even though I really want to like it, I'm just not feeling the love. Now, what to do with the last bit of that fabric?

Happy Sewing!


  1. Would a skirt work? All that work and all that time and money tells us a muslin is our best friend...I love your fabric and it is so sad that it did not shine in the pattern. What does "over-sized" or "loose fitting" really mean? Were there any final measurements given on the envelope? Even those sometimes mislead us into thinking it will all work. Drawstrings...and their cousins elastic in tunnels give us false hope that a baggy pattern will mode to us and be fabulous. I'm sure despite not feeling the best in this jacket you will get compliments especially with all the unique features and it's sunny colors. Thanks for sharing all these unique features and giving the rest of us a heads up for this pattern.

  2. You know, I think your version does look like Kathryn Brenne's gorgeous version, only I like your fabric better! But I know the pain of making up a garment, trying it on and realizing that, even though it looks like it's supposed to, it just doesn't look good on me. Maybe it will grow on you?

  3. Oh I just hate when this happens! Went thru the same experience last week....what a wader! I immediately went to a tried and true pattern and started my new tee....I suggest the same thing for you. Beautiful fabric Btw.

  4. Gorgeous jacket. I love the way it looks in the fabric you used. Too bad it turned out to be too large.

  5. Tragic- it's is beautiful and I wish it wasn't wearing you- you did a wonderful job!

  6. I'm new to your blog and found you through a google search to see if anyone else had tried this pattern first. So sorry it turned out baggy, and at 5'4" I can empathize!! When this happens to me, I'm lucky to have a mother who's almost 3" taller and a cup size larger in the bust - so I can usually hand it up to her! Maybe you need to find a buddy who's a smidge bigger you can barter with! :-) Looking forward to looking around the rest of your blog, and loving your projects so far. You've got very smart style.

  7. It is a beautiful jacket. I am in the middle of making up this pattern and found the instructions unnecessarily difficult. The "corset hook" instructions were confusing and I ended up using an alternate method. I love your fabric and it looks great. It is sad that it does not fit.


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