Friday, 8 May 2015

Yes, I Can! (Justify Another Skirt)

Stash busting 2015:  Marcy Tilton Skirt

Fabric:     1.9 metre Ponte knit @ $15.03 ($14.00/metre - 50% off + taxes)

Elastic:    .83 metre (recycled)

Pattern:    Vogue 9060 (re-used)

Thread:     One spool of thread from another project was finished during this project.

Okay, I know I don't need another skirt but the first version I made happens to be the most comfortable skirt in my wardrobe. This skirt pattern brings me so much joy, how could I resist making another one?

The pattern is Vogue 9060, a Marcy Tilton design. This has to be one of my favourite patterns, unique  yet so simple. The waistband, surprisingly, does not call for any elastic but I did add some just in case. The waistband pattern piece is quite wide and I decided to reduce the width by half.

I picked a solid coloured fabric so that it looks different than the floral one--I really like this shade of blue. This ponte knit has been sitting in my stash for about two and a half years now. Although ponte knit is not my favourite fabric choice, I do like how it worked with this design. I used a knit stitch throughout including the topstitching. Towards the finish line, I managed to run out of thread from the spool I was working on but thankfully my serger thread was also a perfect match so you can't tell that there was a thread change during the hem.

Would you believe there is enough left-over ponte knit to make a top too? Something like a crop top or maybe a little cropped sweater/cardi? I'm going to have to think about it.

How does it compare?

Alfani pull-on ponte knit midi-length skirt.

RTW price:  $100.44 (Cdn)

My ponte knit skirt:  $15.03

Happy Sewing!

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