Monday, 11 August 2014

I Want to Raid Mama R's Closet

Stash busting 2014: Vogue 8916 Jacket

Fabric:     1.5 metre of houndstooth weave suiting fabric
                1.5 metre of silk organza
                1 metre of lining
                0.5 metre of horsehair interfacing

Let me start of by saying I want to raid Mama R's closet for this jacket. Despite all the sewing bloopers that occurred while making this jacket, it turned out well. I did cut out another facing and side front lining and moved on from there. Thankfully, I have quite a bit of the fashion, organza and lining fabric to replace the damaged pieces.  

The pattern is Vogue 8916, it is a lovely jacket pattern with front pockets hidden in the front princess seam. But I have to tell you my favourite part of the pattern has to be the sleeves.  

There is the perfect amount of ease in these sleeve caps. They were easy to sew. The cap of the sleeves are ease-stitched 5/8" on both the lining and fashion fabric. The sleeve is attached to the lining at the hemline and then the sleeve is stitched onto the jacket. The lining is hand-stitched into place afterwards.  It might sound like quite a bit of work but it's not, easy peasy!  

Love this pattern as much as Mama R does. If you're looking for a jacket with a classic shape, this is it! Mama R only changed a few things, lengthened the jacket by an inch, lowered the centre front neckline by an inch and changed the sleeve to full-length from a three-quarter length sleeve.

Now, there is one thing missing to make this jacket complete--a matching skirt. I have enough fabric to make one. I was considering a dress but the final decision has been made and Mama R would like a skirt. There is a skirt pattern found in Simplicity 2372 that I'll try out. It has an elastic waistband that Mama R likes. And then this jacket will become a suit.   

Happy Sewing!


  1. This jacket is beautiful! Nice work!

    I think it's time I made another lined jacket. Very satisfying to sew.

    1. Thank you, I want to make one for myself after this one. A few projects to clear off the sewing table first.

  2. Lovely jacket!! I don't blame you for wanting to raid Mama R's closet.

    God bless.

  3. Summer is coming to an end, soon, and fall will bring jacket sewing. I like the one you made for Mama R. I have some old motorcycle pants...maybe I'll try some leather trim on a jacket.


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