Saturday, 5 July 2014

Try, try again.

I couldn't get the McCall's 8823 pattern out of my mind today. I guess I am just not ready to throw in the towel on this one. I cut the pattern out in a size 16 hoping that it would fit around my large womanly hips. According to the finished hip measurement there should have been ample room for my hips to move around.  But it wasn't so.  

I also didn't like that the back fell opening fell so low. I don't recall this being the case on the first version of this dress that I made. 

I tried it on today and tried pulling it up at the shoulders which seemed to work with resolving the issues at the hip area and even raising the back opening to a comfortable level.  

I have this pattern in three sizes. A size 6 that I was once-upon-a-time able to fit into and made the first version of this dress in. And there is a copy in a size 14 and the 16 that this one is cut out in. 

Boy, life would be so much easier if this was a multi-sized pattern. But I digress.  

So raising the dress up two inches from the shoulders solved one problem but presented another. I'm going to have to lower the front neckline and armhole.  And the width of the shoulder seems to be off a bit too.  

I'm using the smaller sized patterns to help me reshape the armhole and neckline. And I might need a dart. Sigh. I certainly will have to take it in at the sides around the bust area. I'm kind of winging it here and hopefully will end up with a wearable dress after all this tweaking. Fingers crossed. 

Happy Sewing!  

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