Sunday, 11 May 2014

For Mama R (with all my love)...

Once upon a time, Mama R made clothes for me and my three brothers. She doesn't sew from a pattern anymore but sometimes you hear the hum from her sewing machine if you happen to walk by her sewing / exercise room. She says her eyes are "not good for sewing anymore" but she will take to the machine to mend or alter an item. And if anyone from the family asks her to mend an item and if she feels well enough and confident to do it, she would never turn them away. She's that kind of Mom.

And that is why I like to sew for my Mom. She's the one who, through her example, put the spark of sewing into me. I remember her sitting at the old Singer treadle sewing machine making me a jumper out of one of her old coats. She's the one, along with my father, who has sacrificed so much for their family. Her love for her family is boundless.  

Today, is a day to celebrate the greatest Mom in the whole world, mine. But I'm sure everyone else's is a close second. 

Happy Mother's Day Mama R.  And all the other Moms out there!  

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