Monday, 27 August 2012

In Sewing News Today...

Can you believe that it is nearly the end of August?

Even though it has been a long summer, lay-offs are never fun, in some ways it has flown by.

I didn't get nearly as much sewing done as I hoped. The Pattern Magic books were unopened over the summer. And the Pattern Magic Bow dress that I hoped to make in the orange linen never came to be. Actually, I didn't get much of anything I had hoped for done. July was spent fighting the pneumonia and a cough that still won't quit. And I spent most of the weekend packing away cotton and other summer fabrics that I hoped to sew into some projects. Maybe next year.

I'm working on finishing H's pink and yellow Simplicity 5540 dress. I hope to have pictures of the two dresses up sometime this week.

But then I think that is it for summer-time sewing.

Now, it is time to seriously think about what else I want to add into my autumn wardrobe. This is my favourite time of the year. Sew, I'm not at all sad about shortly moving into the autumn season.  

I can't really say that I need to add anything. These next few projects fall into the want category.

Pleased with how Vogue 1312 turned out, the plan is to make an autumn/winter appropriate version. This next version will be in this 100% lightweight wool fabric, with sleeves.

And I found some fabric to make Vogue 8839 out of, a polar fleece knit. This fabric is from last year's stock but at $38/metre it stayed on the store shelve.

This weekend it was reduced to $10/metre. What can I say, a gal must budget when laid-off from work.

This will be the first ever polar fleece item that I have ever made for myself.

But I've made many for others. Mostly for my niece, nephews and my best friend. But I've never got around to making one for me. It will be perfect for work since I'm always cold at work.

And this will surely take a bite out of those chilly autumn mornings that are just around the corner. The fleece is so soft, I can't wait for those chilly autumn mornings to arrive.

And I'll be sewing some more baby jumpers for a gal friend that is having a baby in October. I'm going with a cream colour knit, I figure it will be a safe colour since I don't know if I'm sewing for a baby girl or a baby boy.

In other sewing news, I found this button. And well, I couldn't resist.

It is a rooster button!

According to Portuguese folklore, the rooster is a symbol of honesty, integrity, trust and honour. The Barcelos Rooster has long signified faith, justice and good luck in Portuguese culture. And many Portuguese homes have a Barcelos Rooster in their kitchens.

But how many Portuguese folk can say they have a rooster button?

I don't have a specific project in mind for this button, I just thought it was too cute and reminded me of the Barcelos rooster.

I found the button in a quaint little sewing and quilting shop in Gimli last weekend. They had some lovely knit and cotton fabrics too. And all I walked out with was a button. One beautiful button.

That is all in sewing news today in my corner of the world. What about you, are your sewing plans changing with a new season(s) around the corner?

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  1. I'm trying to resist sewing a peony dress and actually get working on a winter wardrobe. Because winter is going to come to the Yukon FAST, and I'm really not prepared!

    Lovely button. Good luck finding the perfect project for it!


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