Wednesday, 11 April 2012

In sewing news today...

The best part of spring has to be when new patterns start to appear. McCall's released a few new patterns earlier this month as part of the Fashion Star line.  And Colette Patterns came out with a few of their own, Iris, Lily, and Hazel. They really are lovely, Hazel has a really nice cut along with the squared neckline making it my favourite of the three.

There is something quite special about these new additions on the pattern scene, it's the format. You can pick up these three new Colette patterns as a printed or digital version.

I thought about how I was comparing Vogue 9229 that I just finished up and how the vintage pattern compared to a contemporary pattern. I didn't even think about PDF files and digital copies of patterns in my critique which kind of makes me feel vintage myself.

Sew I'm curious, if you were given the choice on purchasing a pattern would you prefer a digital or printed copy?

I still haven't cut out the pile of fabric that is suppose to be my niece's graduation party dress.

I'm waiting until I'm more flexible and able to lay out the fabric on the floor. It is a wee bit slippery and I'm too scared to cut it on the small fold-out table. Stupid ribs are taking their sweet time to heal and I don't want to touch the fabric until they're healed.

I haven't been told when her graduation fete will be, the seamstress is always the last to know. I suspect that I have ten to eleven weeks to get it done, lots of time. I just wish someone would lay it out and cut it for me. A gal could dream, can't she? Once it is cut it will come together quickly.

 Have you seen my new dress, Vogue 8577? Okay, it is not really new, but it feels new to me.

I cut it shorter.

I cut it six inches shorter!

I've heard that hemlines are suppose to be falling but I think it looks better in the shorter length.

It looks like a completely different dress on.

 I also shortened another dress, Vogue 1234. This is a favourite dress of mine and the most comfortable dress in my closet.

But I will admit that the hem has been a major pain in the pin-cushion!

I cut the pattern pieces without any adjustment but when it came time to try it on I realized that it had to be shortened. The dress is suppose to have a back slit and hem facing but those features were cut off in the hem adjustment. Well, I discovered how difficult it is to adjust a knit fabric hem and ended up with the back and front uneven. Sew, I tried to even it out. Now it doesn't even look like the original design.

It is still not straight, but I refuse to cut anymore off.

The next one I'll have to adjust the length before I cut out the fabric. Yes, even though this hem has been a big pain in the pin-cushion, I still wouldn't mind another. Maybe in a mint green?  

Until then, I'm taking a break from starting any new projects and trying to catch up on my mending and alterations.

Happy Sewing!

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