Saturday, 1 October 2011

Sewing again...

I'm sewing a second black skirt. This time I'm using the Simplicity 4044 pattern. It is a 1940's Retro pattern.

I have to say that I absolutely love this pattern and how it fits.

Not so much loving the heavier-weight polyester crepe fabric that I chose for the project.

The fabric feels wonderful, and it looks great. But boy-oh-boy is it a tough fabric to get the creases out! It was packed away in my stash for a few years and those fold lines are a wee bit stubborn.

So, I'm going to take a break and leave it until the morning and see if I'll have more success with the steamer.

I just have the waist facings and the hem to sew. I can't wait till finish it up!

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