Monday, 26 September 2011

And don't forget your girdle!

Who writes this stuff?

While sewing this evening I caught the premiere of Pam Am the newest television series that you can file under Y.U.C.K.

Seriously, do we really need another show about subservient women in retro sexual fantasies?

The girdle reference was enough the first time around, did they really have to throw in another? We get it, part of the uniform.

The show lacked the wit and cleverness of female-centric shows of past generations like Murphy Brown or Maude.

I didn't even find the styling interesting. And not everyone was in uniform.

Okay, maybe a couple of nice looking fedoras were seen on some of the male characters that I did admire. And maybe one or two catchy tunes had me happily sewing along. But that is as far as I'm going on this show. Besides the toe tapping and fedora admiration the show made me feel icky about having an A-line skirt with a kick pleat sitting in my closet. Hollywood, please!, stop ruining the sixties with these cheesy television shows.  

Pan Am.  Wow, I don't know what else to say except I miss the good ol' days of witty intelligent television.

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