Tuesday, 20 September 2011

All about sleeves and...

I'm sewing the most important part of the Marcy Tilton Jacket, the sleeve.

The placket has been hand-stitched in place. I know edge stitching would have been quicker but I do like hand-stitching.  

I also stitched the pleats and sleeve seam.  And I fused interfacing to two cuff pieces, just before I ran out of steam.

My sewing has been continuously interrupted by episodes of coughing into my sleeve.  No, not the sleeve I'm sewing, the shirt sleeve I'm wearing (I'm wearing an old shirt).

Yup, I've got a cold.

All this coughing and sneezing the past day has me thinking about our poor sleeves. Recently, it has become fashionable to deposit your germs into your sleeve. Yeah, yuck. But it hasn't always been the cultural norm.  Gotta love vintage public service announcements!

Who knew that things would evolve and it would no longer be fashionable to carry hankies? That's just plain silliness, I think hankerchiefs are fashionable and a fine alternative to the sleeve. Check these out! How cute are these? Not ready to embrace your masculine side, I'm sure there are dainty styles out there too.    


Apparently, cool hankerchiefs like these just haven't caught on yet with the younger set. At the school where I work the children are taught to use their sleeves period, not use your sleeves as an alternative. Besides, why sneeze into a hankie when you have a sleeve? We really have become a culture of convenience. Seriously, who came up with this idea? As if germs don't survive on sleeves.  

I wouldn't dream of sneezing into my newly sewn sleeve. Heavens, I've worked so hard on it. 

Besides this Marcy Tilton jacket pattern has awesome pockets for holding cool hankies. (I really must make some.) 

What do you think, hankies or sleeves?  

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