Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bittersweet News or Fashion Blues?

The big news this morning, in this country, has to be that the back-to-work bill was passed forcing postal workers back to work.

You think that I would be happy about the news.

I have been anticipating the arrival of the two Colette Patterns that I had ordered earlier this month. Now they will soon be on their way. I'm not celebrating the bittersweet news.

I ordered the patterns at the beginning of the labour dispute. I knew full well that there would likely be a delay but that the mail was getting through. Canada Post workers were engaged in rotating strike action. They did not shut down the mail delivery across the whole country, rather they targeted a day of action at  pre-determined cities before moving on to another city. During this strike action I still received my Vogue patterns that I ordered on-line. If I were to allow myself to be completely selfish, everything was working out fine. Canada Post and their workers were going through their negotiations and discussing their labour concerns and Canadians were receiving their mail.

I was aghast over the whole labour dispute when Canada Post locked out their workers putting an end to the rotating strike action. Mail boxes were sealed shut and my Colette patterns were being held hostage by Canada Post. And then our Prime Minister emerged from a meeting last night arguing that he sided on the Canadian people. I'm not so sure that he's the hero that he's trying to portray himself.

Am I happy the Colette patterns are on their way. Yes. But I wasn't in a rush that I would have liked to see this type of ending to the postal workers concerns. I certainly have enough sewing projects and alterations to keep me busy till they arrive. And if the patterns don't arrive in time to become part of my summer 2011 wardrobe, I'm okay with that. Look at them! That retro vibe is so timeless.

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