Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Vogue 1234: The Parachute Dress

I mentioned in a recent post the fun that I had sewing Vogue 1234.  And it is in my opinion a very comfortable dress.  

I wore it to work today and I received many compliments from my co-workers on the dress.  It is quite the entertaining dress.  

You see I live in Winnipeg, also known as the windy city.  And today, even though it didn't start that way, by the time I arrived at work the wind picked up.  I parked the car and opened the back door to get my lunch bag and purse and woo-sh!  

A big gust of wind blows up my dress.  Yes, and the dress on the left falls well below my knees!  But the interesting design feature that makes this dress different from the factory boring dresses at the mall, also provides some entertainment for the folks in the parking lot.  

I now nick-name this the parachute dress.  Thankfully, I was wearing leggings!  

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